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Jul 03, 2024 | Julie Gatt | 69 views
Important Reminder: Upholding Sportsmanship and Respect in Our Baseball Community
Dear Ingersoll Minor Baseball Families,

As the season progresses, we are proud to see the hard work and dedication our players, coaches, and families bring to the field. However, it has come to our attention that there have been incidents of unsportsmanlike conduct from both parents and players. While this negative behaviour isn't limited only to IMBA families, we feel it is necessary to address this issue directly and remind everyone of the core values we uphold within our association.

Baseball is not just about competition; it is about learning teamwork, discipline, and respect. Our coaches are volunteers who dedicate countless hours to help our young athletes develop their skills and love for the game. Our umpires are often young people who are learning and growing in their roles. It is crucial that we treat all participants with the respect they deserve.

Here are a few important points we must all remember:

1. Fair Play: Winning is not the only goal. Playing fair and respecting the rules of the game is fundamental.
2. Respect for Umpires and Coaches: Umpires are essential to the game, and their decisions should be respected. Coaches are here to guide and support our players; they deserve our appreciation and respect.
3. Positive Behaviour: Parents and players should model positive behaviour at all times. This includes refraining from negative comments, abusive language, and any actions that undermine the spirit of the game.

Please note that any player who is found to be acting in a manner that diminishes the sport and the values we stand for may face game suspension. Similarly, parents who fail to uphold these standards may be barred from attending games, practices and IMBA events. We take these measures seriously because we believe in fostering a positive and encouraging environment for all.

Let us all work together to ensure that minor baseball remains a positive experience for everyone involved. We appreciate your cooperation and commitment to maintaining the integrity of our sport.

Thank you for your understanding and support.